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We are a small medium structured IT & ITes company with a capacity of 120 seats. We can exhale upto 300 seats as and when required by ourclients. We have 24x7 365 days security survellance along with CCTV monitoring and our all employees attendance is based on BIO MATRIX.

For an uninterrupted operation performance we have backup power supply with the help of generators, battery Backups ,UPS and additional electricity lines. We provide the facility of drops and pick up as per the requirement of the employee and the process.

We also have multiple dedicated leased internet connection of 4mbps speed for prompt internet services. We have the best of the dialer available in market to support our client ( Contact / Vicidial along with VoIP).

We have one of the best cafeteria for our employees.Our employees can always relax and refresh themselves as per there break schedules.

• We serve 24 by 7 and 365 days a year to suit all time zones
• Fiber optic based leased line for high speed internet connection
• 24 by 7 power supply, backup UPS and Generators
• Servers are all put on UPS with 3.5 hours backup
• Secure VPN, protected by SonicWALL TZ 210 firewall
• ID cards for staff security and their access rights
• Mobile Phones, PDAs, USB thumb drives, Cameras, etc. strictly restricted
• Designer furniture and infrastructure
• Adequate storage area with full Security
• Recreation facilities for Employees
• Internationally acclaimed technical expertise