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Dialer – Contact Predictive Dialer to support both inbound (Customer Support, Customer service, up-selling, cross selling) & outbound (Telemarketing, Advisory service, Survey, Lead Generation) services. The dialer performs ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) and predictive dialing which connects only human calls. The dialer has features such as 100% voice logging, verification, Supervisory functions, Tele. monitor, Remote monitor, Onlilne / offline reports, for BPO Services.

Ip Phone -To enrich the experience of voice quality & Clarity Yealink Phones are used along side this,Web chat and email Management over VoIP Logger & Cisco /D-link Networking Switches add to the charm. Voice connectivity enabled to connect US, UK, Australia and most of the European countries to support Offshore Outsourcing activities in India.


Uninterrupted Connectivity via Optical Fiber for VoIP network with 100 % redundancy Variable Bandwidth based on usage and requirement. High volume data storage devices for back up, recovery and security purposes. Dialer integrated CRM system, which is fully customizable depending on the business outsource project. Direct Inward Dialing – Local Toll free no. is provided for all our BPO services for call backs and customer queries.


• The Data received from the client during the time of processing in any form such as hard copies or softcopies is destroyed or returned back after the completion of the work.
• Our professional firewall system restricts the users to surf or access unauthorized sites on the internet.
• The Firewall even restricts the rights of all the users within the company.
• A written Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is obtained at the time of joining from each of our employees.
• Entrance in operations area is restricted by finger print software, as per HIPAA privacy requirements.
• The server for our website is SSL protected, encrypting all the files that pass through our website.
• Limited access to the network through login IDs and password protection.
• CDs, DVDs, pen drive, disk drive or any other storage devices are not allowed in the individual PCs and in office premises without prior permission from authorized management team members.
• Passwords and access controls are well defined for authorized internal persons.


LAN Fiber optic backbone ,Optical switches High and dual CPU IBM XEON with complete redundancy Workstation with 15-17 ” display Hardware and Software Security modules SOFTWARE CAPAPBILITY Strong in-house Software development team Power Online UPS support .